Vico-Marcus 1 (Sold Out)

Vicovation Marcus 1 (สินค้าเลิกผลิต)

Vico-Marcus 1 decreases 45% width, compared with previous model (Vico-SF2). Compact design makes neat installation.

- Compact design + quick mounting
- Compatible with Standard 52mm CPL filter
- GPS mouse in-box
- SDR Smart Dynamic Range

Model Vico-Marcus 1 (Sold Out)
Image Processor Ambarella inside
Sensor 3.1 Mega Pixel CMOS
Lens F/2.2, 6G Mega Pixel Lens
View Angle 140º(diagonal)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps
LCD Display 2.0
G-Sensor 3 Axis G-Sensor built-in
U-HDR SDR (Smart Dynamic Range)
Output interface HD-Out/ USB2.0
Audio Audio Recording/Mute
Certificate CE / FCC / BSMI (D33i02) / ROHS
Video H.264 @ .MOV file
Storage Support Micro SDHC Class10 (Max. 32GB)
Language English / Russian / Japanese total 15 languages
Power USB Cigar Car Charger (Input DC12~24V, output DC 5
Operation Temp 0°C ~ 75°C
Storage Temp -20°C ~ 85°C
Dimension 72mm(L)x53mm(W)x33mm(H)
Human Tech Circular Recording/ Emergency
Record / Seamless Record
G-Sensor Triggered Record/ Engine- on Auto Recording
Image flip / Time Date Stamp / Vico- Tag
Package Accessories Vico 4 Meter Cigar Car Charger
Suction Bracket
Marcus Quick Mounting Bracket
Quick Installation Guide
Optional Accessories 3M sticker Bracket
GPS Module
Additional features with GPS Module:
GPS Tracking LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) Current Speed & GPS Location Overlay Marcus CPL filter (installed on Quick Mounting bracket)
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Compact design makes neat installation

Vico-Marcus 1 decreases 45% width, compared with previous model (Vico-SF2). Compact design makes neat installation.


Compatible with Standard 52mm CPL filter

The new quick mounting bracket of Vico-Marcus 1 is compatible with a standard 52mm CPL filter. Choose Marcus CPL filter or compatible one to reduce the reflection effect from the windshield, getting more saturated and beautiful video.



GPS mouse with more features

With GPS mouse, Vico-Marcus 1 will support several feasible features, such as GPS Tracking/LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)/FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)/Current Speed & GPS Location Overlay. For some countries, over-speed camera detection system is available.


SDR Smart Dynamic Range

Vico-Marcus 1 applies SDR technology which can balance the bright and dark parts and generate high image quality.


One-snap time for installation

Vico-Marcus 1 contains one quick mounting bracket, which makes installation and removal in one-snap time.



140º sees more
Vico-Marcus 1 applies megapixel 140° view-angle lens. The field through front window is completely recorded.
Even cars from left and right sides can be clearly recorded.



New Generation CMOS Sensor, Better Image Quality

Vico-Marcus 1 is equipped with new generation 3 Mega pixels CMOS image sensor, providing superior video quality during day and night time.


Full HD + H.264 compression, less mosaic

Vico-Marcus 1 applies new H.264 compression chipset. It provides the same image quality as DVD level’s. It captures every moment with most details. Full HD video displays more details of the recorded scene. You never miss the scenery while driving through.


75-the proof of quality

Even if the temperature inside car in summer time goes high, Vico-Marcus 1 never stops recording.



Seamless record captures every second

Vico-Marcus 1 captures every moment with high quality video. The high performance compression chipset ensures seamless record. Not a second will drop.


Share “me-featured” video

Vico Tag embeds your name into video and let you share the video with unique origin.



Emergency record never drops

Press orange button upon emergency; Vico-Marcus 1 will save 30 second video before and after the moment. This file will be reserved without being recycled.


G-Sensor, detects impact

Built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor will detect impact and trigger emergency record automatically.

Vico-Marcus1 New FW V1.3G & V1.4G

Difference between v1.3G & v1.4G:
Higher Brightness with sufficient details in night-recording.
This version is suitable for Cars with dark film on windshield, and Marcus1 which installed CPL filter.
(Please notice that CPL filter would reduce a little bit brightness of image.)
v1.3G is the same image quality version with previous v1.1Gi.
Lower Brightness with less noise in night-recording, offering clearer image in night time.
This version is suitable for the car without film on windshield.

Improvement & Bug fix:
1. Fix Time-change bug when install Marcus GPS mouse.
2. Add Time Zone Settings and GPS Auto Time Calibration function.
After GPS positioning, Marcus1 offers GPS Auto Time Calibration by your Time Zone setting.
(This feature needs to be activated by Marcus GPS mouse)
3. Add FCWS activated-speed setting:User may choose 60/70/80km/hr.
When speed is higher than setting, FCWS will notify with warning Beep and Alert Icon.
(This feature needs to be activated by Marcus GPS mouse)
4. Improve LDWS sensitivity. (This feature needs to be activated by Marcus GPS mouse.)

Please be careful about the charger. The original charger is highly recommended. Recommend to upgrad the device in car.
If you upgrade the device at home, please make sure the power adaptor can provide sufficient 5V/1A power output.
Please avoid using mobile phone USB charger which provide below 5V/1A output.
Insufficient power supply might lead to update failure.
Please notice the power environment when upgrading.
Please feel free to contact us when encountering any problem.